Ingrid Owens, Personal Photography Instructor, CameraShy

Thinking about Buying a New Digital Camera?
Confused by all the Choices?
Don't Worry! Let me be Your Guide!

The one question I get asked all the time, when I'm teaching, leading a workshop or behind the shop counter is "Which Digital Camera do I Recommend?" The truth is that there isn't one particular camera that will suit everyone's needs. That's why I've written this guide - to help you figure out what it is you need in your next camera.

It's like I'm standing by your side helping you make your choice!

In this guide, you'll learn:

choosing a digital camera
  • What features you really need.
  • The differences between subcompact, compact and DSLRs
  • What modes are the most useful.
  • Where the best deals are.

  • Enter your details, then follow the steps on the next screen.

    Happy Snapping,